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We are an independent and reputable bookshop with traditional and cultural values. A great eye for best books, new concepts arriving daily!


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A World Of Books For Young And Old!

Carson Books & Records is a reputable retail store selling used books in Vancouver.

We offer over 20,000 books which have been classified into a variety of subjects to make it simpler for you to seek and shop.

We offer readers thousands of books from a wide spectrum of publishers. If you want to purchase books, we have made it easy, you can buy them all together in the one order. Carson Books & Records is a reputable retail store selling used books and record lps in Vancouver.

Carson Books & Records has a great range of used books for both adult and children, with great prices.

Why you might place your order with Carson Books & Records:

  • Our reputation with our clients. You can read some reviews on our website.
  • Our highly acclaimed recognition is second to none.
  • Our in stock titles and the size of our inventory.
  • We are 100% Vancouver operated.
  • Maintaining the friendliest of customer service.
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For Booklovers!

Carson Books & Records is a renowned bookshop in Vancouver

As one of the most trusted and successful retailers in the domestic market, we thrive upon a foundation of friendly, excellent customer service, website, and an unbeatable spectrum of items accessible at reasonable prices.

We serve happy customers all over Vancouver. With over million of items accessible, we provide every form of a selection of second hand books like literature, non-fiction, sci-fi, mysteries, kids, cookbooks, art books, new age, Buddhist text and more.

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Used book store
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